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3 Top Picks for the Best Free Music Apps


3 Top Picks for the Best Free Music Apps

Believe it or not, there was once a time when getting your hands on new music took more than a smartphone and a pair or headphones. It meant saving up $20, driving to a record store, and purchasing a CD that was so thoroughly cellophaned and taped that it took an aggressive tactical advance just to undo the packaging. And while this long-ago time really wasn’t that long ago, there are now much easier and cheaper ways to enjoy great music without all the hassle and impossibly adherent tape.

At Sofi Poway, we like to think that life can be both simple and adventurous, convenient and fulfilling, and worthy of a great soundtrack. That’s why we do what we can to help make things just a little bit easier, like helping you find the best free-music apps to help you in your journey to music discovery. Here are our 3 top picks for the best apps for finding new music for free.

The Strategic Approach: Band of the Day

Band of the Day is one of our favorites because it takes all the guess work out of finding new music. Each day features one new artist for you to try out. And if the day’s feature isn’t your cup of tea, you can go back through the archives and listen to music from previously featured bands. Best of all? Just like all the apps on this list, it’s totally free and works with both iOS and Android devices.

The Crowd Pleaser: Soundwave

Want to know what your friends and favorite celebs are listening to these days? Soundwave, a community-based sharing platform which was recently acquired by long-time favorite Spotify, allows you to see which bands and artists are trending with celebrities, athletes, and other artists. You can take suggestions from tastemakers or use the rating tool to tailor playlists to your liking. Either way, this free music-discovery app for both iOS and Android will help you find new tunes for your every mood.

The Personal DJ: Mixcloud

If you can’t afford to hire a house DJ for your apartment, but still want the experience of having a personal tour guide through what’s hot in music today, then Mixcloud is the free music app for you. Designed for iOS and Android, Mixcloud hosts tons of DJs whose jobs are literally to keep up on the very latest and greatest in music, so you know that what you’re hearing is hot of the tracks. You can also catch a variety of radio shows and podcasts to fill the empty space between new bands.

Download. Listen. Live.

Choose your app, slip into your favorite headphones, and discover a world of music you didn’t know you were missing. If the only thing left is to find a new apartment to match your new-found musical acumen, Contact Sofi Poway apartments near San Diego. We’ll help you find a backdrop worthy of your favorite playlist.